Pet Grooming in Westlake Village

Pet Grooming in Newbury Park


                             Paw Spa premium service includes:

  1. Eye cleaning
  2. Nail clipping
  3. Paw and pad trim
  4. Clean ears
  5. Brush out
  6. Shampoo and conditioning
  7. Rinse
  8. Express anal glands
  9. Clean fresh towel dry for face and body
  10. Blow dry
  11. Brush and fluff
  12. Fragrance
  13. Tasty treat (Upon your approval) 

                                                Optional Services

  1. Pawdicures for special occasions
  2. Scissor clip or shave down
  3. De-shedding treatment
  4. Aloe moisturizing treatment for skin and coat
  5. Medicated shampoo for extreme skin sensitivity (extra time required)
  6. Shave down
  7. Puppy cut
  8. Flea and tick shampoos
  9. Teeth brushing
  10. De-skunking


Prices vary based on the breed and condition of dog.

Pet Grooming in Thousand Oaks